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Accredited Certifiers

About Accredited Certifiers

An accredited certifier is a private accredited professional, who, depending on their accreditation, can act as a principal certifying authority that can issue Part 4 and 4A certificates under the Environmental Planning and Assessment (EP&A) Act 1979.

If you are planning to carry out building work or subdivide land you may be required, under the EP&A, to have the work approved and be issued with particular certificates.

To carry out the approval and issue the appropriate certificates you can choose to appoint either an accredited certifier or the local council.

The range of certificates includes:

  • Complying development certificates - authorising building or subdivision work under the requirements of complying development to be carried out
  • Compliance certificates - confirming that the conditions of consent comply with the applicable standards and that work has been properly carried out
  • Construction certificates - authorising building or subdivision work to start
  • Occupation certificates - permitting the occupation or use of a building
  • Subdivision certificates - allowing a strata subdivision to be registered by the Department of Lands
  • Strata certificates - allowing a subdivision to be registered by the Department of Lands

Not all accredited certifiers can issue all of these certificates. Depending on their qualifications and level of accreditation, some accredited certifiers can only issue certain certificates.

When appointing an accredited certifier it is important that you check that they can issue the type of certificate you need.

Members of the Association of Accredited Certifiers (AAC) commit to abide by the AAC’s code of conduct and demonstrate the AAC’s values, providing clients with a high level of service and professional standards.

If you have any question about accredited certifiers please contact the AAC office on 1300 735 935.