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AcroCert’s accredited certifiers have significant and detailed experience in a wide range of residential and commercial developments. Our professional staff have gained considerable experience through working for all tiers of government, on many significant housing and development projects throughout Australia.

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Advance Building Approvals

Advance Building Approvals Pty Ltd is a building certification and building regulations consultancy practice.

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AE&D Consulting

AE&D provides professional services to the construction and development industry.

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BCA Logic

BCA Logic Pty Limited is a team of professional Building Regulations and Fire Safety Engineering Consultants providing a regulatory advice and design consultancy service including BCA Compliance Certification to all spheres of the building industry, including both private and public sectors.

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Blackett Maguire + Goldsmith

Blackett Maguire + Goldsmith is a professional consulting firm focused on a range of services for all stakeholders in the construction and development industry.

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BuildCert Consultants

Buildcert Consultants is a progressive building certification and consultancy company, with four offices strategically located to service the Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Region, Mid North Coast and Sapphire Coast.

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Building Certificates Australia

Our role in the construction industry as Accredited Certifiers (AC) and acting as Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) exposes us to many different, unique and challenging projects consisting of assessing developments against the Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards, Town Planning issues and Local Council requirements.

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Building Control Group

Building Control Group is a professional private certification organisation that provides a comprehensive range of services relating to the building industry.

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Campbelltown City Council

Campbelltown City Council is a progressive Local Government Council located in South Western Sydney.

We have a team of experienced building certifiers who are able to assist you with the certification of a wide range of projects within the Campbelltown Local Government Area (LGA), from small scale residential developments through to large residential, commercial, industrial and institutional developments.

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DM Certifiers

DM Certifiers

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Essential Certifers

Essential Certifiers is a leading building certification company based in Sydney, offering various services from expert building advice and Building Code of Australia consultancy to PCA services including the issuing of Construction Certificates, Complying Development Certificates, and Occupation Certificates.

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Group DLA

Group DLA's vision is to be a market leading, sustainable, professional consultancy, providing Building Code advice and certification services in a client focused and proactive manner.

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Insight Building Certifiers

Our reputation, experience and commitment to service make Insight Building Certifiers one of the leading Private Certification companies in New South Wales.

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The KPMG SGA Property Compliance team provides legislation and building code advice and services covering all aspects of statutory building compliance including alternative solutions, essential services, accessibility as well as fire and life safety.

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Liverpool City Council

Liverpool City Council

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Local Certification

With over 25 years experience in the public and private building industry we at Local Certification Services have established a record for providing a reliable, efficient and competitive service throughout the construction phase of your development.

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McKenzie Group Consulting

McKenzie Group Consulting is one of Australia's most experienced building surveying and risk management consultancies.

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Modern Building Certifiers

Modern Building Certifiers is a boutique, customer focused firm that is passionate about the built environment. Based on Sydney's Northern Beaches we provide a holistic approach that will guide you through the approval process. From conceptual beginnings to final completion, Modern Building Certifiers will be there one step ahead.

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Philip Chun & Associates

Philip Chun is an international firm of building code consultants, providing building design certification, building code, accessibility, fire engineering and fire life safety consultancy to both the private and public sectors, covering all aspects of building regulation and control.

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Pro Cert

Pro Cert has a number of highly skilled building certifiers able to assist with the certification of your next construction project.

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Queanbeyan City Council

Queanbeyan City Council

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Steve Watson & Partners

Steve Watson & Partners provide professional building code consulting and approvals services, adding value by taking a timely and pro-active approach to auditing of concept and detail designs, and by managing construction and defects risk via a thorough inspection and review process.

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Urban City Consulting

Urban City Consulting is a diverse, multi-disciplined building and development consulting practice. Our experience and knowledge enables us to provide our clients with the right advice and service for all their statutory building and development needs.

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Vic Lilli & Partners

Vic Lilli and Partners are acutely aware of demanding pressures of the construction industry and the legislative requirements. Vic Lilli and Partners combines a group of skilled private accredited building certifiers that strive to give accurate and timely advice to ensure the success of your new project.

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Wagga Wagga City Council

Wagga Wagga City Council