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How to become a certifier

How to become a certifier

Accredited certifiers are highly educated and skilled professionals. There is a rigorous application process for an individual wanting to become a certifier in order to prove he/she has the necessary qualifications and industry experience to carry out such an important function in the building process.

To become an accredited certifier, as an individual applicant you must:

Applying for Accreditation

When applying for accreditation, you will need to complete and submit

Form 1: Application for accreditation

In addition to the completed application form, you will need to complete and attach these forms:

Form 2: Verification of academic qualifications and registrations
Form 3: Annotated performance criteria report
Form 4: Comparative analysis report
Form 5: Annotated resume
Form 6: Referee's statement
Form 7: Fit and proper person declaration

For assistance in applying for accreditation, read the Application Guide.

4 day Certification Short Course

To apply for accreditation, you must also complete the BPB's 4 day Certification Short Course, which is currently offered through the UTS: Centre for Local Government.

The course is offered 4-5 times each year, depending on demand. The course is a four-day professional development program that provides essential skills in understanding and implementing building regulation in New South Wales.

The Certification Short Course is for building professionals wishing to become accredited certifiers. Successful completion of the course is a prerequisite for an application for accreditation with the BPB. This involves three written assignments in addition to attendance at all sessions.

Evidence checklists

When applying for accreditation you must complete the evidence checklist for your category(s) of accreditation to identify which of the specialty performance criteria you are taken to automatically have because of your recognised qualification/registration.

Click here to access the relevant completed checklist must be attached to your application.

Mutual recognition

If you are accredited as a certifier in another State/Territory, you can apply for accreditation in NSW under the Mutual Recognition Act 1992. To do this:

In NSW ‘building surveyor’ refers to a subset of the many different categories of certifiers.

Changing an existing category of accreditation

To change a category of accreditation, or change the conditions of your accreditation, you need:

Read more about renewing or changing accreditation.

Lodging your application

Applications are to be lodged with the Building Professionals Board:

Building Professionals Board
PO Box 3720
Parramatta NSW 2124

Ph: 02 8522 7800