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“Being a regional based Accredited Certifier is often a lonely position to be in, particularly for a sole operator.

Having a professional peer group such as the AAC available to support me has been critical in assisting in keeping me up to date with an ever changing profession and in providing me with a place to seek advice on many issues.

The professional, friendly support that I have received in my 5 years as a member has been invaluable and I’m staying ... and that's why I'm a member.”

Graeme Drewe, Central West Certifiers, Dubbo


"As I work alone as a private A3 Building Certifier and A1 Council Certifier in regional NSW and mainly the North west area of the State, it is difficult to keep up to date with legislation, AS and BCA issues. The AAC helps by providing answers when asked in all aspects and areas, the availability of CPDs on line with questions being asked is invaluable when doing the internet training. Although a member of AIBS as well this association (AAC) is invaluable as there is different aspect in some issues. With the regular email contact and member's areas it allows for me to be able to be kept up to date and have a say in new issues ... and that's why I'm a member."

Merv Prendergast, Buildwise Certification, Kootingal


"As Building Certifiers it is important that we not only are, but that we are truly recognised as professionals. The AAC supports us in this goal in so many ways. I have been a member now since 2008 and have benefited from the support, the CPD program, the representation on our behalf, and of course, the many friendships & networking events that it has generated.

I find it a collaborative environment to share my skills and experience with other professionals because of my belief that we should be striving to be held in the highest professional regard by our peers and by the public … .and that’s why I’m a member."

James Somerville, Comcert Building Certifiers, Pennant Hills


"As one of the very first to gain his accreditation in 1999, I soon discovered the lack of support structure for certifiers, each of us on his own, and a lot of decisions to be made without someone to bounce ideas off.

I’ve been a member of the AAC since its inception, and I now feel I have a network of colleagues who face the same issues and problems, all having a common goal to provide a high level of service to both the public and our clients.

The AAC provides opportunities through professional development courses, an annual conference and as a conduit to government decision makers, all of which help me in my role as a certifier … and that’s why I’m a member!"

Steve Johnson, Land Development Certificates, St Johns Park


"I have been a member of the AAC since 2007 and what initially attracted me to joining was that I saw an industry association that had been created to specifically cater to the needs of accredited certifiers operating in the private sector.

With the multitude of unique problems and opportunities that our profession faces it is important that we have a unified voice to present our views and perspectives to government organisations and to market our services as a profession to non-government organisations. Along with fulfilling those roles the AAC provides excellent services to us as members with organised CPD activities that are targeted to current issues and best practice and by providing up to date newsletters on the latest industry developments.

In short membership with the AAC is one of the best value for money investments that an accredited certifier can make ... and that's why I'm a member."

Neil Diamond, ProCert, Dubbo


"I made the transition from Local Government into private certification back in 2007 and had no understanding of the value of being an AAC member. I was signed up with the AAC by my employer at the time and have continually appreciated the value of being part of an association of professionals since. From notifying me of draft legislation and representing my interests in submitting comments with regard to same, to informing me of new legislation and its implementation, the AAC keeps me up to date and my interests as an accredited certifier at the forefront. The information provided by the AAC is essential in ensuring that I am acting within the current legislative framework, servicing my clients better and maintaining my accreditation. Also, the regular e-newsletter, Twitter feeds and updated website ensure that this information is readily available.

Furthermore, the AAC provide the most relevant seminars to assist accredited certifiers in fulfilling their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. Whether it is a simple question and answer session with a group of certifiers experiencing the same difficulties with interpretation, or a seminar with the most experienced individual in their field presenting, I always leave the AAC seminars knowing I obtained more than just CPD points. At the end of the day, the AAC continually represent my interests, keep me accurately informed and arrange seminars relevant to my needs …and that’s why I’m a member."

Wesley Vos, Brentnall Certification, Concord, Concord


"The AAC is an organisation solely devoted to Accredited Certifiers. As with many professions the challenges facing Certifiers seem to be never ending so it is important to belong to a professional Association that provides leadership and guidance to these challenges. It is also important to have a united ‘voice’ in the representation of Accredited Certifiers to the wide range of Government and non-Government bodies that are associated with our industry and the AAC fulfils this role expertly.

The AAC also plays a major role in the Continuing Professional Development of Accredited Certifiers by providing relevant and informative seminars and workshops on both the technical and professional issues affecting Certifiers.

To be a member of the AAC affords all that’s necessary to ensure that the role of the Accredited Certifier is seen to be purposeful, diligent and professional ... and that’s why I’m a member."

Ross Bryant, RB Consulting Group, Coffs Harbour


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