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What is AusSearch ?

The AAC is always looking at ways to add value to benefit its members and we are thrilled to introduce to you an exciting new service that is now available through an agreement that we have with AusSearch, in partnership with leading information brokers InfoTrack.
AAC members will now have access to the most comprehensive, reliable and affordable property searching services available and directly from the AAC homepage.

For those Members assessing applications for Complying Development or for those projects where additional may be required these searches will prove to be invaluable

AusSearch is the easiest and most useful service for National Online Searches including: Title, Plan, Dealing, 88B, Street Address, Scan on Demand, Service Location Print, Cadastral Record Enquiries, Cancelled Title Image, ASIC, PPSR and more. As well as unusual searches such as ITSA for bankruptcy checking and Person Locator which is very useful for verifying approaches from unknown parties.

The benefits of these searching services to AAC members are:

  • The use of a modern and easy to use platform to access information that will help you in your work
  • Login through the AAC website
  • Free to sign up and only pay as you order
  • Multiple useful and relevant searches
  • You can have as many users or branch offices with individual log-ins as you want
  • The platform is iPhone and mobile device friendly
  • Quick links take you directly to what you need fast
  • Verify 10 Title details for free before you order and save time by entering multiple titles and DPs at a time
  • One 'click' selections directly from Title to DP to relevant Dealing, 88B, Service Location, etc
  • In built Stop Checks deter accidental double ordering
  • Past orders can be found in seconds and it's easy to generate quick usage reports anytime
  • All disbursements are accurately captured and instantly available at any time
  • More services such as Person Locator useful for debt recovery and for checking approaches from an unknown party
  • Competitive National prices and Manual Services
  • Free Helpdesk, free initial and ongoing training

See how AusSearch works

Click here to watch a 3 minute Video Overview of AusSearch

Want to know a little more? Book a demo

Click here to book a live on-line AusSearch demonstration with InfoTrack

What happens next?

If you want to start using the service

Click here to get sign up for AusSearch.

You will need to OK the Terms and Conditions, which is standard to protect all parties, but there is no cost to enrol and you only pay as you order. You can even view your own live onscreen training from the comfort of your office at a time that suits you.

InfoTrack will work with you every step of the way to get you set up with a login and password, free telephone support and online help whenever you need it.